Park Rules

Warped Wall

  • One person should attempt at a time
  • Do not attempt without court monitor present
  • Do not climb up backside
  • No hanging out on top
  • No pulling from top to help people up

Main Court

  • One person per trampoline at a time
  • No foul Language
  • Do not flip over pads
  • Do not rest or lay down anywhere within the courts
  • Keep your pockets empty
  • No running
  • No Double bouncing
  • No climbing on red pads


  • One person per trampoline
  • No climbing on goal or hang on rim
  • No flips

Valo jump/Areo Strike

  • No flips
  • One person per trampoline
  • No grabbing onto the rim or netting


  • One person per trampoline
  • No flips
  • No foul language
  • No Double bouncing
  • No fighting
  • No throwing the ball at excessive speed


  • Empty pockets
  • Must be 48” tall to go down
  • Do not attempt without court monitor present
  • Stay back until court monitor give you the clear
  • Make sure airbag is clear before going

Ninja Course

  • One person per lane
  • No flips
  • Do not hang upside-down on obstacle
  • No swinging
  • No climbing to top and hanging from frame


  • Do not jump onto air bag headfirst
  • No backflips
  • Only one person may jump onto the airbag at one time
  • Wait until the person in front of you is completely off the airbag before you jump
  • Landing onto the airbag bottom first is the safest
  • No jewelry
  • Do not land on your feet, chest, or head
  • Separate you knees when landing to avoid hitting your face with your knees
  • Jump within your abilities


  • Do not enter if over 48”
  • Only toddlers 5 and younger
  • Do not hang on any objects
  • Do not jump over railings
  • No climbing on top of the slide


  • Must be 48” to ride MaxFlight by yourself, 46”w/ adult
  • Do not ride if you get motion sick
  • Warning Flashing lights